Regular Intercity bus lines

Auto Periferia, s.a., in its eagerness to improve the service, offers the travelers a phone customer service number 916 371 228, available at all times to check any doubts they might have.


Through this service we will happily inform about frequency, routes and stops.


Lost and found.- You can check if you wish our lost and found service in the phone number 916 373 113.


Any object found in the different routes, as long as it is presented to the driver or the service inspector, will be registered and deposited in our facilities, and the owner will have one month period to withdraw it.


Book of complaints.- Al our buses have a book of complaints at the disposal of the passengers.


If you choose this option, you will have to fill out clearly all your personal data, as well as the place, date, time, bus number and an explanation of the complaint. If the incident happened in one of our company buses and you would like to present a complaint at the end of your trip, you can also do it in another of our buses, or in the books of complaints at the disposal of the passengers in the interchange of Moncloa and Principe Pio.


You can also come to our offices in Las Rozas (Madrid), St/ Cabo Rufíno Lázaro, 20 (Poligono Európolis), from 10:30 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 18:00 hrs, from Monday to Friday.


Once all the data has been filled, you will have to send the yellow copy in the stipulated time, which is the "copy for the claimant that can be sent to the Madrid Transport Consortium", keeping the second copy marked as “copy for the claimant”.


CLAIMS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR CITRAM.- In order to present your complaints or suggestions through the internet, you must do it in the webpage that the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium has at the disposal of users of all the means of transport depending from it.

As with the paper copy, you will have to fill out all the data referring to the service with the maximum detail, so the overview of the incident is exact.

In the suggestions section, as with the complaints, you can put forward any opinion relative to the company so we can study it, collaborating in this way to the improvement of our service.


You can present your complaints about the service using this form


You can present your suggestions about this service in the following form


Direct link to the Madrid Regional Transport Corsortium

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