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Auto Periferia, s.a. has as objective to offer service to the travelers within the requirements of regularity and a customer service defined by the Madrid Regional Transport Corsortium, legal requirements and any other requirement freely assumed.


For the securing of this objective, the Direction expresses its commitment with the Environment and Quality management, based in the following principles:

* - Study of the needs and expectations of the user and of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, to plan, define and revise periodically the objectives and goals in the subject of Environment and Quality.


* - Commit with the study and continuous improvement of the processes by means of establishing indicators.


* - Training and motivation of the staff in regards to Enviroment and Quality.

* - Prevention of Pollution.


* - Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects as well as the impacts associated, and try to reduce them.


* - Obey the legislation and norms currently in place in terms of environment and quality, and also the requisites the organization subscribes, in the plan of operations of continuous improvement.


* -  Usage of the technical media necessary according to the users expectations.


* -  Involvement not only of the Management, but of the whole organization.


To that effect, this policy will be reviewed periodically and each member of the company will have to know and accept the responsibility of carrying it out, it being available at the disposal of all the interested parties to demand its knowledge.

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